About Indahouse 


"The was born from a lifetime of cooking experiences and a passion for creating something personalized, outside of the large kitchens in the big restaurants, bringing together subtle flavors and fresh ingredients, as if it were the food from your own home. Indahouse means " inside your home", where the kitchen is welcoming, sophisticated, easy, innovative, creative, familiar and where you can create a universe of 5 senses."

You can choose a menu for your event, or a dinner with friends. You can also decide to have one at home every day with our weekly menu. From the most homemade cuisine to international dishes, everything is possible. All our products are fresh, local and guaranteed, ensuring a gastronomic delight from the beginning to the last bite.


Food brings friends together and warm hearts.





                                                     "The art of cooking is the art of making people happy"

                                                                                                                                                                     Julia Child